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Rituals & Traditions

Globeducate British International Schools Rituals and Traditions

At Globeducate British International Schools we understand the importance of marking key dates in the year, whether that be an academic milestone, or a cultural celebration.

In addition, we cultivate a sense of community in our schools through regular assemblies and we celebrate success with graduation ceremonies. Visual displays around the schools show the projects and topics that each age group is working on and this visibility and showcasing in the school community encourages our students to be proud of their work. We encourage teamwork and collaboration through the British ‘House’ system.  

The House system explained

At Globeducate British International Schools we have implemented the British tradition of the house system in each school. Every student is assigned to one of four “houses”, that come together for sporting competitions and other school-wide events.

Each year four House Captains are elected, providing an excellent leadership opportunity for the students chosen. Overall, the house system allows students of all ages to get to know each other outside of the traditional classroom environment, building connections between different age groups.





Governance & Leadership



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We cultivate a sense of community in our schools.