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Mission, Vision and Values

Globeducate British International Schools educational philosophy

Aiming for excellence

We expect a high standard of work while supporting each student’s individual path. Our educational approach nurtures the distinctive abilities and interests of each student, encouraging self-discovery. The qualifications our students gain are aligned with globally-respected standards of excellence. In secondary school, we provide a strong focus on sound preparation and readiness for university or further education as a platform for success.


Our mission is...

to prepare students to shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective.

Our vision is...

to equip students with the tools they need to thrive, overcoming the uncertainty and accelerated changes that the future holds.

Key principles

Our teaching is underpinned by four key principles:


We believe that a great education enriches a life.


We believe challenge is both a fact of life and a vital catalyst for growth.


We believe every student has the potential to shape a better future.


We believe success takes many forms.

English National Curriculum, Multilingual Environment

Globeducate International Schools follow the English National Curriculum, with some schools offering the IBDP at Sixth Form. The English National Curriculum is focused on English language but this is set in a context of a multilingual or bilingual culture in our GBIS schools, where French, Portuguese or Spanish is also part of the school experience and curriculum. Students are encouraged to adopt a global mindset, developing an awareness, understanding and respect for world culture. Our teachers are drawn from excellent UK or other British international schools.

Respect and Collaboration

Our teachers respect the abilities of each student, while our students respect each other.

A structured, challenging programme of outdoor education fosters independence, resilience and teamwork throughout the student body. There are plenty of opportunities for cooperation and collaboration across the British International Schools family.

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