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Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón participará en la III Jornada de Educación
British International School

On 16 March at 7.30, the third edition of the GBIS Educational Talk in Spain will address the value of logical-mathematical thinking in education, with Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón as the guest star.

The reality is that mathematics is present in practically every aspect of our lives, from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, even while we sleep. Logical-mathematical thinking goes beyond numerical skills, its benefits contribute to the development and well-being of children, as well as to the achievement of goals and accomplishments in different facets of life, and thus to personal success.

Benefits of promoting logical-mathematical thinking

  • Development of thinking and intelligence.
  • Ability to solve problems in different areas of life, formulating hypotheses and establishing predictions.
  • Promotes the ability to reason about goals and how to plan to achieve them.
  • Allows to establish relationships between different concepts and to reach a deeper understanding.
  • It provides order and meaning to actions and/or decisions.

We are all born with the capacity to develop this type of intelligence, the different capacities will depend on the stimulation received. This is why the four Globeducate British International Schools in Spain are organising this talk, which will last an estimated 45 minutes and will culminate in a question and answer session.

The Heads of the GBIS schools in Spain, Chris Long, Juan Martorell, Dominic Abbott and Adam Hassoun, will host the event, which will be streamed on Zoom. Although the event will be held in Spanish, simultaneous translation into English will be provided. Although the event is free to attend, it is necessary to fill in the following form to obtain the link to access the event.

GBIS schools in Spain

In 2021 the Globeducate British International Schools cluster was created, a group of nine British and international schools across Europe within the wider Globeducate family, which currently has a network of over 55 schools on three continents and more than 31,000 students. The cluster currently has four schools in Spain, located in Vigo, A Coruña, Bilbao and Valencia, preparing students every day to transform tomorrow through British educational excellence with a global perspective.

Find out more about our schools in Spain (urls a las webs)

  • O Castro British International School (Vigo): BISOCASTRO
  • Coruña British International School (A Coruña): BISCORUNA
  • St. George’s British International School (Bilbao): BISSTGEORGES
  • Cambridge House (Valencia): CAMBRIDGEHOUSE

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón (Logroño, 1972) holds a PhD in Mathematics, to which he devotes his efforts in teaching, research and dissemination. Since 2001 he has been a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of La Rioja. He carries out his research in the area of computer algebra, to which he has contributed with numerous research articles and collaborations with Spanish and European mathematicians. He carries out an intense work of dissemination of mathematics through conferences, shows, talks and workshops that have been enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages and all over the world. Winner of the FameLab scientific monologue competition in 2013, and founding member of the group Big Van Científicos Sobre Ruedas, he presents on YouTube the channel "Derivando", dedicated to mathematics and its enjoyment. He also collaborates with various media outlets.

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