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On Balance

Mougins School: On Balance
  • Secondary Matters
Paul Michael

I would like to start this week by sharing some comments from our community that I have heard this past week. 

“It’s true, sir: by midweek I had already felt really settled and known.”

“I think the greatest difference between Mougins and my last school is that you don’t have to be part of a clique. Everyone’s friendly to everyone.”

“We can only learn through taking on the challenging things.”

These are but three exchanges that happened with me this week but there could have been so many more. 

You might think I am perhaps kidding myself that students will only tell me the flatteringly positive pieces of praise and information about the school. Thankfully, that is not the case. 

It is so important to us here at MBIS that we are open and reflective on all aspects of school life and I am really pleased that students know they have a host of platforms, people, and moments in which they can share what I call their ‘QQCC’s: questions, queries, comments, and concerns. 

Is a class not going well for them? Are they experiencing challenges coming to school on time? Friendship issues come and go and need careful attention, too. As do the challenges of meeting the school’s high expectations that surround our values: learning, respect, community, and integrity. 

Spending time ensuring our students, staff, and parents are genuinely heard, responded to, and that that response evaluated in its efficacy is important to us. Over the coming weeks we will continue to set up communication to you all regarding a number of key areas that are common to each Key Stage in the school. 

We aim to cover academic, well-being, and community matters. I would very much like to see you attend and join these sessions as they are announced. 

This way, we can balance the trials and tribulations of successfully supporting our students as best we can together.


Paul Michael

Head of Secondary

  • Secondary