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Early Years

Early years education at Globeducate British International Schools

Early years education sets the foundation for each child’s educational journey. Early Years covers ages two to four depending on the school, and is made up of Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception Classes. At this age, students learn through play, and experimenting with different practical activities. English, creative activities and music form an important part of the curriculum at this stage.

Teaching in English from day one

Full immersion in the English language is key to the educational philosophy at Globeducate British International Schools. Learning English happens naturally at this age, as students engage in their daily activities including play, music, and art. These fun and stimulating activities foster a positive attitude towards language learning.

Regular communication between parents and teachers

We believe that each child’s success is only partly achieved through time in the classroom. A strong and positive home-school relationship is essential to your child’s progress, and we collaborate closely with parents to ensure that information is shared regularly and children are getting the support they need.

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Students learn through play, and experimenting with different practical activities.